I'm Batman.

I'm full stack developer, literally full stack (native mobile, front end, middleware, back end, server), with 5 years of experiences. I've published 15+ native iOS apps on App Store, 3 react-native apps, and LOT of serious analytic apps. I'm really good at UI visualization, became the youngest and also the first Senior Engineer of UI on my current workplace. I'm fluent on Golang, use it everyday as daily breakfast and lunch. I maintain my workplace internal back end and middleware libraries (web framework library, active record with multiple various drivers sql/nosql, ssh client, orm, toolkit, etc). Sometimes I write free e-book. I'm currently interested on building low level visualization using D3 and server-related stuff (this blog current posts are mostly talking about this topic).

Thanks to Allah, my family, my company as well as the employees, and all of my friends. Nice to meet you 🙃